Well Yield

Reason for testing:

Well YieldTo determine if a well can supply enough water for the structure (i.e. 150 gallons of water per bathroom) and if the pump can produce the recommended flow rate (i.e. 5 gallons per minute).


Gas drilling activities require major amounts of water. The amount of groundwater to your home may be reduced if the drilling company plans to obtain this water from the local aquifer. A well flow test, before nearby drilling begins, allows a baseline to be established so that any issues or unsubstantiated claims that arise can be compared against this original data.


Attach hose and flow meter to the well pressure tank and run the water for the required time, constantly checking flow rate.


Report describing pump test results and whether or not they meet the NYS Health Department recommended rates.

**Note: Some leading institutions (i.e. FHMA) have set their own recommendations for pump testing. Check with them before ordering testing.